Sukranu Tablet (Safe and time tested potent semen toner)

Sukranu is asafe and time tested ayuvedic medicine.This drug has prepared with special technique by synergistic mix of Ayuvedic herboMineral ingredients which have been used all over the world from times immemorial for management of male productive disorders.This drug has no side effect in any condition.

The formula of SUKRUNU is specially designed to provide compressive benefits like improvement in the sement parameters,helps in restore the Oilgospermia(deficience in spurm count )& Necrospermia (inactive sperm).nturally the sperm count level of a male is 80% but 60% active sperm countis essential for productive.Below 60% sperm count is known as oilgoes permia.No sperm in semen is known as Azoosperemin.There is no remedie for Azoosperemia.

SUKURNU is recommened for the patients unable to produce child due to low spermatozoa count.It helps in the development of productive organ.It also for the female having ovarian problems.It improves sperm lavel of testosterone in both male & female.It enhance the process of sperm fprmation i.e spermatogensis & also improve the quaity & quanity of the sperm in semen.thus helps restore normal semen parameter.Sukrunu is a hope in the life of un producyive barren coulle.It is adviced to the patient that before taking this medicine they should check up there sperm parameter in arecognized patgho lab.After one month of taking such medic ne again chek the semen count to know the result.

During Medication alcohol ,heave spice oily sweetend food lemon,picle,tamarind should be avoieded better result.


Oilgospermia,Nerospermia.low level of testostorence.
Premature Ejaculation Ovarin disorder.

Dosage:2 tablets two line(Morning & evening a days in day in empty stomach in with milk for 3 to 6 months)

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