"BHASKAR SEVA TRUST" is a charitable wing of Sri Bhaskar Ayurvedic pharmacy. The Principal objective of the Trust is "Sarve Bhawantu Sukhina" It aims at the welfare of human being and enable them to lead a happy and  healthy life. "KRINWANTU VISWAMARYAM" is the Slogan of Bhaskar seva Trust. Which means everybody in this Universe should be ideal and excellent one. It teaches  people to adopt the  principles  like Ahinsa,  Satya , Asteya,  Aparigraha and  Brahmacharya. The trust preaches peace spiritual and moral knowledge among people. The motto of the trust is to provide harmless medicince and free treatment to the poor.

It has been proven that the earths climate is poluting. And there is strong evidence which shows that the action of human beings are responsible for this. This reality poses grave danger for the health of current generation. The Trust is creating mass awareness among the people to perform Yangyas. And by the means of Yangyas we can purify poluted air surrounding us.

Now the trust is conducting Ayurvedic Research in Asthma rheumatoid Arthritis cancer and Heart Diseases. It provides free medicines and treatment to asthma and Heart Patients " KUKUVADI VATI" The most trusted Ayurvedic ,medicine of ancient origin has been distributing among heart patients at free of cost.

Bhaskar seva Trust incessantly earnest to fulfill the above programmes. It needs a lot of money to run all these programmes. The net income of Bhaskar Ayurvedic Pharmacy has been spending for the above purposes We request all to extend their helping hand for the marketing of our pharmacy products. So that the trust can render its valuable service for the welfare of humanity.

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