When was Sri Bhaskar Ayurvedic Pharmacy founded? By whom? What type of institution?
SBAP was founded in the year of 1992. It is a Charitable Trust of Public Nature.

How does Sri Bhaskar Ayurvedic Pharmacy position itself in Ayurveda?And what is the peculiarity of the institution ?
Traditional ayurvedic products, Profit is shared to public as a charitable institution.

What is Sri Bhaskar Ayurvedic Pharmacy 's status in the consumer goods market?
We are not dealing with consumer goods.

Where can I get a copy of the Annual Report of Sri Bhaskar Ayurvedic Pharmacy ?
You can write to General Manager, Sri Bhaskar Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

What are the major areas of research undertaken by Sri Bhaskar Ayurvedic Pharmacy ?
Research is being undertaken in Areas of Production, Plants, Medicines and related areas.

Can I get a list of your products?
Please visit the page Products.

Is it possible to order your products for doorstep delivery?
We can supply medicines through Transporters/Couriers.

Whom should I contact for a product-related query or feedback?
The Marketing Department can be contacted on all product-related queries and feedback.

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