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Vaidya Sri Santosh Kumar Arya, Managing Director of Sri Bhaskar Ayurvedic Pharmacy is born with an intrest in Plants and Nature. He is an eminent Consultant of Ayurveda, Yoga and naturopathy. Over two decades back, the vision and compassion of Dr. Arya gave birth the molecule of Sri Bhaskar Ayurvedic Pharmacy. He laid the foundation Stone of the Pharmacy in the Year 1992. He made a humble beginning to manufacture Ayurvedic,Patent and Proprietory medicines The sufferings of the ailing masses and treat patients. Apart from examining patients and prescribing treatment,it was his aim to provide medicines Prepared  /  Scientifically under his strict supervision and he gave himself up to its realisation. Initially his deep concentration on clinical treatment and free social service delayed the marketing of his products.When demand for his products increased he concentrated on marketing in the year 2002.

Dr.Arya's Sri Bhaskar Ayurvedic Pharmacy is having most advanced and modern technologies for manufacturing ayurvedic medicines with full efficacy and hygiene.Its products being cost effective, heghly beneficial and attractive the medical proffesion has well accepted the products and are now available in all over india and abrode like Australia and France.

Dr.Arya's Sri Bahaskar Ayuredic Pharmacy set up with a view to make the Ayurvedic Health Care treatment available to the common layman at affordable costs. The most promising products of the Pharmacy are SEMEGRA & URBAS I, Semegra is  a  boon  for men. who suffer from sexual insufficiency. Thousands have benefited by taking Semegra. Urbasi  is a distinguised Ayurvedic female body toner.

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