Urbasi Capsule


URBASI CAPSULE have been prepared for healthy breast development and to eradicate the female genital problems like leucorrhoea,

Composition : pharamacology
Aswagandha Antistress,rejuvenating and nerving sedative and all age tonic
Satavari Immune modulator vitalizes and rejuvenates.
Trinbanga bhasma improve the muscles and tones up sex and gentic organs,zinc,lead and stannous oxide.
Pravala bhasma Excelent N,tonic ,Antacid, and cures urinary diseases.
Louha bhasma calcinated ferrous that increased the quanitity & quality of oxygenated blood with out any gastric irritation.
Jatamansi Reduses insomnia and aggressiveness recommended in hysteria and convulsions.
Asoka contains phenol-glycoside with high oxylitic activity.female hormones balances .uterine federative and stimulant on uterine tissue
Kumari Uterine sedative & maintains with pH value of vagilal secreation thara by cures leucorrohea.

Simultaneous application of urbasi oil along with urbasi capsule gives the desired result for breast development with complete health.

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