Semegra Capsule (Safe & Sexual Stimulants)

Semagra is safe & poatient sexual strimulas ayurvadic medicine.This drug has prepared with special technique by the only ayurvedicher bo–minirals ingradientslike,rasasindura,Abhrakabhasma,BangaBhasma,puspadhanwa.rasa,Akarakara,javitri,labanga,
aswagandha etc.

These capsule not harmful for body as if not contains and adddicated and harmful ingredients .Besides this drug is time –tested and addicated amd harmful ingredients .Besides this drug is time-tested and safe.semagra cannot affect for immediate temptation.It stimulates temptations after using of couble of days alchol ,Sprit mixed preparation can Indus etempation immediately .But vary harmful for system to the body where as semagra can be used for about 3 m,onths.Because to increase the semen and spermatozoa body needs little bit of time .So one should not expected substantial result just after using of 4/5 days of semagra.

Semagra boosts energy of the body and raises vital force day by day .it increases physical and mental power ,Cures impotence and neurasthenia . It is recommend for the patiend who has unable to produce child due to low spermatozoa count.this drug instead of immediate stimulation gradually boosts metabolism process and eradicate the male sexual problem.

Mainly very much use ful for fowelling diseases.

1-Quick Ejaculation of semen
2-week erection of pains
3-psychological impotence
4-Post masterbutation weakness
5-pre-mature Ejaculation
6- less spermatozoa count
7-sexual weakness

• 20-30 years bachelor-->1-0-1(morning & evening) in empty stomach with lukewarm milk.
• In case of married-->1-0-1(morning, evening 7 bed time).
• 31-50 years male-->2-0-2(morning & evening) in empty stomach with lukewarm milk.
• Above 60 years male-->2 capsule at bedtime with milk. if milk is not available then these capsule can be used with lukewarm water regular three months of use advised.


-During the medication alchol ,heavy spicy food should be avoided for better result. one should try to avoid intercourse during the starting of semegra for 20-30days.which can help for proper insemenination.
-During summer these capsule should use only in night with sugar candy mixed milk(single dose per day.)
In case for importance only it can be use twice daily.protineouss diet like ghee, milk, fruits are helpful during medication. Very low count of spermatozoa and oligospermia patients should try for 4 to 5 months. Semegra also can be use by females for loss of libido and tack of temptation.

The does :1-0-1 with milk. It is not recommended for pregnant women. Patients with high blood pressure should use 1 capsules at bed time only with cold water. If single dose of semegra also raises the blood pressure then the use of semegra should discontinue.

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